Over several decades of HR experience, I consider myself an expert on employment compliance. I am NOT an attorney and therefore know when to pick up the phone and call the LEGAL experts. Maximizing billable hours, I furnish clients with concise issue descriptions and educated responses, enabling informed decisions and confirmation.

Collaborating with HR and attorneys is crucial for businesses to navigate complex legal and employee-related matters. HR ensures a compliant, productive workforce, while attorneys provide legal expertise to protect the company’s interests. Together, they create a robust framework for addressing disputes, compliance issues, and employee concerns, ultimately safeguarding the business’s reputation and financial stability. This partnership fosters a well-rounded approach to risk management and supports a thriving, legally sound organization. 

My go-to resource is Elisa Ruer, due to her expertise and timely responsiveness.

Her guidance in tough spots, like litigious terminations and document reviews (e.g., severance letters, NDAs), has been invaluable on multiple occasions. If you don’t have a trusted attorney in your network, let me introduce you to Elisa — it would be my pleasure!

Attorney Elisa Ruer
Attorney Elisa Ruer is a formidable legal professional renowned for her expertise and unwavering commitment to her clients. With a strong background in various areas of law, including corporate/business law and contract law, Elisa offers comprehensive legal counsel and representation. Her strategic approach and attention to detail allow her to navigate complex legal matters with precision. Elisa’s compassionate demeanor and excellent communication skills foster trusted relationships with her clients, ensuring their best interests are always prioritized. With Attorney Elisa Ruer, you have a dedicated advocate by your side.

CONNECT WITH ELISA: 262.269.9140  or [email protected]