How Can aHRrow be Your Human Resource Outsourcing Company?

Here are the HR services we offer:

Project Work

Ideal for all employers, regardless of size or HR staff


  • HR Start-Up – custom new hire process and onboarding experience
  • HR Compliance Audit – detailed review of files and documents, resulting in a comprehensive, compliant and custom prioritized action plan, with many resources
  • Employee Handbook Review – review of compliant requirements, with recommendations
  • Employee Handbook Creation
  • Recruiting Strategy Development
  • Job Descriptions Review and/or Development
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Performance Management System Implementation
  • Compensation Philosophy and Process

Fractional HR Partner

Ideal for small businesses
with 3-50 employees with
no HR expert on staff


  • Consultant access and HR problem solving on an ad hoc and/or scheduled time basis (can be provided on-site and/or remotely)
      • Topics such as emplovee relations, management coaching, talent acquisition strategy, etc.
      • Focus can be based on projects above; and/or
  • Schedule on-site/remote dedicated client “office” hours
  • Set monthly budget and work through priority task list staying within budget

Interim HR Partner

Ideal for medium to large businesses with an on
site HR expert


  • Consultant will provide HR strategic support while HR employee is on a leave of absence or while a new Manager/
    Director/VP is being recruited
  • Scheduled on-site/remote dedicated client “office” hours

Need an outside resource to lead or

contribute to your human resource planning initiatives?

Let aHRrow Help!

You’re a busy business owner who needs to direct your energy and talents towards nurturing your business. If you don’t have a human resource professional on staff or your existing one has resigned or taken a leave of absence, aHRrow is a valuable resource. Take advantage of our HR services!

Leadership development

Compliance: FMLA, ADA, EEO

Employee relations

New employee onboarding

Performance management

Talent acquisition strategy

Termination support and exit interviewing

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